WebCR is an online registration form designed to be linked to your company website. WebCR quickly and easily gives you the ability to register candidates and import them into your SearchWareTM candidate database.

WebCR can be linked to your 'Careers', 'Apply with Us' or may be invoked as a result of a potential candidate answering a particular job description in your "Jobs Available" section.

Candidates fill out all information (name, address, skills, etc) and can optionally attach an electronic copy of their resume (in Word, Text, HTML or PDF format). Unlike the "On Site" Candidate Registration product, candidate information is not automatically uploaded into your SearchWare™ candidate database. The registrations are collected on your Web server ready to be retrieved and selectively uploaded automatically into a file in the SearchWare™ candidate database. The retrieval and selective uploading is controlled by a supervisor assigned by you.


WebCR is installed by putting all source files directly on your web server. These files are in .asp format (Active Server Page) and can only be installed if your web server allows for the hosting of files with .asp extensions also write-access to the CGI-BIN folder of the web server is required. This is very important to verify with the company that hosts your website before ordering this product.