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The importance of training in software implementation

The objectives relating to training go far beyond teaching people how to press keys or how to produce reports and StaffVision Services understands this. Information system experts have long recognized that training is an integral part of implementing a software because all users exposed to a new system go through a rough period of adjustment. Software training is therefore the ideal opportunity for employees to be exposed to the reasons and benefits that prompted a management team to decide to implement a software system or why they chose to migrate to a different software system.

Understanding the reasons behind and the benefits of the software system are integral to our approach to training.  We train with the objective of not only training users on how to get what they need out of our system, but while also explaining why this is beneficial to the enterprise as a whole as well as to the employee in particular.




The staffing industry is exposed to a high turnover rate. Historically, companies tend to choose not to have the expense of retraining when some of their personnel leaves; rather they assign existing users the task of teaching the software functions to new employees. The ongoing effects of this is that the users tend to master basic functions but are oblivious to additional functions and reports which may be less straight-forward to understand but may turn out to be extremely valuable to your enterprise and may be some of the reasons the software was chosen in the first place but nobody knows this anymore.

Regular retraining has the added benefit of allowing for smoother transitions when key personnel leaves.



Training Schedules

Our training sessions are offered in your offices. We recommend at least two full days of training for new SearchWare users. The length of PTB training sessions will vary depending on your company needs.

Contact our training department to find out more about the training sessions and current training discounts for existing clients!