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TimeMuse Online Timesheet Software was developed by JASM Software Inc.and is offered in exclusive partnership with StaffVision Services. TimeMuse is designed to allow your employees to enter their hours worked online. Through our interface, the data entered populates your PTB time input, allowing for a data-entry free payroll process.

General features

  • 3 user-levels: employee, supervisor, admin
  • Time entry to-the-minute or by pre-defined blocks (e.g. 5-10-15 minutes), modifiable at client level
  • Automatic overtime calculation for all provinces and states
  • 12hr/24hr clock systems; configurable at client level
  • Various admin over-ride options
  • Various email notification parameters for users (employee timesheet submittals, rejected timesheets, overdue approval for supervisors and more)
  • User IP logging
  • Multiple timesheets per employee handling (e.g. employee working multiple contracts at different rates)
  • 3 users types (employee, supervisor and agency admin)
  • Night shift handling
  • Configuration options for all system messages
  • Multiple system parameters: terms, policies, home page message, company logos
  • Configurable system week ending date
  • Can be used as stand-alone software or in combination with a back office and/or accounting software



Employee timesheet features

  • Timesheets contained in one easy-to-view page
  • No page navigation required to enter time for multiple jobs
  • Drop-down time entry
  • Option to save partially filled timesheets
  • SAVE TIMESHEET reminders
  • Timesheet history viewing
  • User password change option
  • Automatic email when timesheet rejected by supervisor



Employee forms and documents stored online

TimeMuse allows for the storing of employee documents including.

  • Pay cheque stubs
  • Deposit slips
  • W2s for US systems/T4s for Canadian systems and any other documents an employee should have access to including contracts, employment agreements and more..



Supervisor page features

  • All timesheets to approve contained in one easy-to-view page
  • Reject timesheet option with explanation note
  • Automatic submitted timesheets email notifications (parameter-driven to send notification for submitted timesheets or once per day, when overdue and more)



Agency/admin features

  • Easy-to-use agency/admin page
  • Multiple report options
  • Import file option to import from various back office databases
  • Export file option to export time entered to various accounting systems
  • Complete access to all user accounts for easy closing and updating
  • Complete access to all work order information for easy closing and updating