Filling orders faster, keeping track of valuable candidate skill sets, and responding quickly to customers, is the key to increased sales, decreased costs and maximum profitability. The SearchWare suite of integrated software solutions gives recruiters the most advanced staffing automation tools available in today's market.

More than just a group of databases, SearchWare is a tightly coupled suite of integrated components designed specifically for the staffing industry. Activities generated are automatically recorded in all related areas. For instance, scheduling an interview on a job-order will automatically appear on both the candidate and client files, as well as on the daily planner. Changing the date or time will be automatically reflected throughout.

In addition to providing a powerful application to assist recruiters in performing their daily activities, SearchWare automatically retains usage data and can report a variety of important and useful information to management. This information is essential in measuring recruiter call statistics, job-order evolution, follow-ups and quality control.



Basic features

Applicant Database

Candidate information, including skills, work history, availability, test result scores, job classifications, assignment history, multiple resumes, reference-check results, interview notes, etc.

Candidates can be searched by almost any combination of criteria, including resume key words. Search lists may be "saved" for future recall, and individual or groups of resumes can be emailed directly from the system.

Company/Contact Relationship Management

Designed exclusively for staffing suppliers, the Client/Contact Management System is designed to hold a client's complete profile and all vital information for marketing, lead selling, "head hunting", staffing needs fulfillment, follow-up, and staffing resource management.

From single contact prospects, to corporations with multiple departments and complex billing situations, one complete system will prove invaluable to sales reps and recruiters, as well as to management.

Job Order Tracking

Managing both Temporary (or "contract") and Direct Hire ("placement") orders, the Job-Order Tracking system will ensure that all orders receive optimal priority treatment from the time they are received until they reach payroll or placement invoicing.

In addition to retaining vital information about a job requirement, the system can search for qualified candidates and manage a 'considered' list right down to order confirmation ultimately providing all related information to payroll and/or billing.

Considered candidates can have resumes emailed directly to the client, interviews scheduled and the results of those interviews retained. If the primary candidate does not "work out", the system will allow you to replace then with another on the considered list. All notes entered related to the order, will automatically appear in the associated client's file, candidate file (if related) and Daily Planner.

Daily Planner

Giving the recruiter a visual representation of the tasks that have to be done in a timely manner, the SearchWare Daily Planner is automatically updated with future tasks generated as a result of regular activities in SearchWare. The Daily Planner will schedule events resulting from scheduled interviews, job-order first day "arrival calls", client and candidate call-backs, quality control calls and even non-SearchWare related events such as meetings, appointments, etc.

Business Intelligence

As a manager, you need the most up-to-date information as to the status of your business at any one time. With SearchWare tracking all events, orders, calls, contacts and activity, you as a manager can view up-to-the-minute what your company is doing, what volume of business is active and "in the fire" and what to expect in the coming days, weeks and months.