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Quickly assess incoming resumes and automate your data entry


ResumeIQ™ is a tool to help you quickly assess a resumes' value and can create a new applicant in the database by its contents without the need for data entry. From Job Boards to emailed resumes, ResumeIQ™ can process any viewed resume, highlighting the key words and skills you are seeking and creating applicants in your database in seconds instead of waiting days in backlogged data entry.




    • Saves time in determining a resumes' value - you see important key words and phrases at a glance
    • Gets a resume into your applicant database instantly without the need for data entry
    • Reduces costs in handling incoming resumes




    • Works with any resume from any source; Job Boards (Monster, Dice, etc), Word, Text, PDF, HTML, RTF, etc. If you can "view" it, Resume IQ™ can "grab" it. Resume IQ™ is the integration of ResumeGrabber™ (by eGrabber Inc.) and SearchWare™'s applicant database.
    • ResumeGrabber™ technology electronically "grabs" all vital information from the resume on your screen giving the view of the resume in a consistent format. Important key words and phrases are highlighted in one place and the "drill-down" feature lets you see the actual context of the key words.
    • Resume IQ™ can create a complete applicant in the database from vital information extracted from the resume. No more time consuming and error-prone data entry of resume data!
    • The original resume is always "attached" to the applicant database and all key words "tagged" for future search criteria retrieval.
    • Applicants are checked to see if they exist already in your database, giving you the option to add the new resume to the existing applicant's file, create a new applicant or skip altogether.