PTB Canadian

Main Functions


Time Entry

Time worksheet can be generated automatically from active work-orders. Quick data-entry of time-related data. Handles regular & 4 overtime rates, expense reimbursements, transportation, including pay-not-billed situations. Verify billing with 'Advance Billing Breakdown' report.

Billing and Payroll

Invoices are generated automatically based on client criteria and may be modified for specific situations. Manual invoices may be created. Employees may be paid weekly, bi-weekly, etc by paycheque or direct bank deposit. Full payroll history. Magnetic media for T4s and Releve1's (Quebec).

Accounts Receivable

Allows adjustments by credit/debit memos and journal entries. Online inquiries and Aging Reports for full or only unpaid items. Monthly sales summaries, sales analysis and monthly statements if desired. Payments easily applied to multiple invoices. Projected cash flow based on client payment history.

Management Reporting

Billable Earnings showing cost vs billing available by Salesrep, Recruiter, Customer, Employee, etc by division, branch or territory.  Historical Data can be extracted in various ways to provide information for commission reports, workers comp, gross profit reporting, etc.



Features & Benefits


  • Single Time Entry
    Time entries need only be entered once to produce invoices, paycheques and generate margin, profitability and commission reports, etc. Speeds up the timesheet-to-bill cycle and reduces the chances of errors due to inconsistent data.
  • Completely integrated with Front-Office system
    Eliminates the need to export/import data between two different systems. Most changes (within security parameters) made in one system automatically update the other. Back -Office (Accounting dept) can activate work-orders to be paid as soon as recruiters confirm them. Various pay/bill related information (such as last cheque amount, vacation hours accrued, etc) may be made available back to recruiters in front-office system.
  • Streamlined Pay/Bill cycle
    Improved Cash Flow. After time entry is complete, the rest of the process to produce invoices and paychecks is smooth and easy. Invoices can be generated quickly and sent to your customers days before paycheques come due.
  • Perm (Placement) Invoice Tracking and Reporting
    Placement billing can be generated from SearchWare Job-Orders or be entered manually. Complete placement history can be reported by recruiter showing payments received on outstanding invoices.
  • Invoice History
    Since all original invoice information is retained and invoices may be recalled at any later date by client, date range and/or invoice number, you can reduce the time it takes to review or reprint past invoices.
  • Gross Profit and Commission reporting can be calculated based on true cost
    The true cost of labour may be specified either at the employee level or calculated as a combination of an employee base cost plus a factor (such as workers comp rate) per work order (assignment).  This true cost of labour can be reported in relationship to the billed amount for a precise gross profit and can be used to calculate commissions if necessary.