Our Team

Brian Toms

Born in Wales, Brian crossed the ocean in 1990 to work on a contract and liked it so much here, he decided to make Canada his home. Possessing over 25 years experience of software development, Brian became a partner in the company in 2001 and is currently the SearchWare Product Manager and lead design analyst in our front-office systems.

Terry Roth

Founded RPW (the predecessor of StaffVision) in 1979 and working most of his life in the staffing automation market originally designing and developing both front and back office software systems. Today, Terry leads the sales and implementation team and provides an occasional hand in support issues.

Maryse Perreault

With us since she was an intern in 1984, Maryse is now both a super-mom (of three!) and a super programmer amongst many other descriptions. Maryse holds a degree in computer science and is the lead design analyst and system architect for our back-office (pay/bill) products.