Online Job Board System Requirements

System Requirements

Basic System Requirements

We develop all our software to work with virtually every single web server environment on Earth (UNIX (every flavour), Windows NT/2000, and more). We're confident you can run the software on your website, but if you want to make sure, here are the system requirements:

  • Website | The software is installed on the actual computer that hosts your website, which can be a dedicated server, shared server or virtual server. You can access the software from any PC using a web browser.
  • Perl 5.004+ | Your web server must have Perl 5.004 or better. Your network administrator can download the latest version of Perl from Perl is extremely common though, and installed on virtually every webserver on Earth.
  • CGI Access | Your website must be configured to run Perl/CGI scripts.
  • Server-Side Includes (SSI) | Your web server must be setup to allow server-side includes (SSI).
  • FTP Access | You will be transferring files from your local computer to your website, so you will need some kind of "File Transfer Protocol" software.
  • Write Access | You must be able to make files and directories writable on your web server. If the software doesn't have write access it won't be able to update its data files.
  • Sendmail/SMTP | Required for optional email notification functionality.

If you're not sure whether your web server meets the listed requirements, contact us at (800)567-6727 ext 23 for assistance.

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