Data Conversion

Data conversion

Converting from a MANUAL system to SearchWare

Going from a 'manual' type' system (or 'no system' as some people call it) to SearchWare and/or PTB will realize the most impact to a staffing company.

Although most of the people-oriented activities in a staffing company will never change - such as the interviewing process, client contact, cold-calling, conflict handling and all aspects of the day to day activities of a recruiter, there will certainly be great time savings noticed once the tasks of resume key-word searching, applicant criteria access, client follow ups, job-order tracking, etc are automated. There will be added benefits realized when tasks that were difficult to track on a timely basis will be smoothly generated from the system automatically, such as progress reports, daily activity, usage reports, etc.

Back-office (pay/bill) will be a whole new world going from any type of manual process to automation. No manual process can speed a timesheet's data so quickly to invoices and payroll with just a single entry function. And similar to SearchWare, the margin reporting, commission reports, gross profit, etc will be available immediately at the end of a payroll run or at month-end without the days delay it takes doing it "by hand".

StaffVision will work with your firm to ease the transition from a paper-based system to automation as quickly as possible. The front-office system can be automated from the day of implementation forward, with the possibility of currently working or placed job-orders being the only historical data that will need to be entered. The back-office pay/bill system may have to have more historical data entered depending on the time of year of implementation, whether or not your current system (or outside service) will generate year-end tax reporting or combined with the new system.



Converting from an already AUTOMATED system to SearchWare

Conversion from an system that is already fully automated or partially automated will give anywhere from improved to substantial benefits with the features of SearchWare and PTB. Most firms today are automated or semi-automated in some fashion, even if just using a contact management software system as an electronic Rolodex. It is more common to see the back-office systems automated using commercially available accounting packages or outside services.

Converting from data already in electronic form can be tricky at best. In the best case scenario, the existing systems can interface easily to Excel or comma-delimited files or directly through an ODBC driver. There are cases however where there is little or no outside access of the "old system" data and scant documentation.

Even with well documented and/or accessible data, there will always be the issues of extra fields of information, incorrectly entered or missing data, etc.

Every conversion project is unique. StaffVision's technical team will endeavor to analyze the existing situation and recommend a working strategy to get SearchWare and/or PTB up and running with a smooth transition of data.