Candidate Registration onsite

How it works

Candidates fill out an "application form" directly on a computer in your interview area or testing room.

Once the candidate selects the “Registration” process they will be asked to enter their name and optionally any previous name. This information is used to run an enquiry on the Searchware™ candidate database looking for existing candidates with the same name as entered. If the enquiry finds no candidate existing in the Searchware™ candidate database with the same name the registration process begins to collect the information about the candidate.
If existing entries are found in the Searchware™ candidate database with the same name, the registration process will allow for the updating of an existing entry (selected under the control of a supervisor).

The registration process will allow the candidates to fill out a form, providing info such as name, address, contact information, salary requirements, job titles, education, employment history, skills, availability, and references.

How it connects to SearchWare

After the candidate has completed all information (according to validation rules) and pressed the "Finish" button, a complete form with all filled-out information will printed along with your standard disclaimer and a new candidate file is created in Searchware™. The candidate can review the information on the printed form and sign on the signature line. This "hard-copy" can be now be filed away for legal purposes.

The new candidate file in Searchware™ is created with the relevant information automatically "filled in". An exact image of the complete application form is also "attached" for future reference to the newly created file. This new candidate file can be accessed during the interview of the candidate and additional information can be collected and applied.