StaffVision Services offers Complete Front and Back-Office software solutions for the Staffing Industry. Our software provides solutions for all types of Temporary (Contract) staffing and/or Placement/Direct Hire services, multi-branch and multiple division support, customizable screens and reports and interfaces.

Smart Moves

Automating a complete paper-based system or improving a poorly implemented computer system in a staffing services company will reap many benefits besides just finding files faster and reducing the paper clutter. Since StaffVision has been automating staffing companies since 1983, we have been able to observe and document just what works better when recruiters and managers use staffing... Read More


The question of whether to build or buy a staffing automation solution is an ongoing discussion. Organizations of all sizes are tasked with increasing efficiency and revenues in a timely manner. Naturally this leads then to consider automation. The critical question then becomes:

Is it more beneficial to build a custom staffing automation solution or to buy an existing application... Read More